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How to Manage Children’s Screen Time?

How to manage children’s screen time? Screens do improve our lives in a variety of ways. We can stay in touch with family and friends from all across the world. Not just that, we can also educate ourselves from the comfort of our own homes if we have access to a computer or smartphone. These gadgets can keep us entertained with games, news, television, movies, music, and, of course, social media. However, screens and children may cause concerns in parents, especially if they tend to spend too much time on them. Therefore, today, we will go through some of the ways on how parents can manage their children’s screen time.  


How to Manage Children’s Screen Time?

how to manage children’s screen time

Children’s overexposure to screens has caused worries in parents. Indeed, technologies are good in this modern era. But, not knowing how to limit children’s screen usage may lead to unnecessary issues in the future. So now that you have decided to manage your children’s screen time, how do you do it? Worry not because here are some tips that parents can start practising:

  1. Time removing technique – For example, if your child spends around 5 hours per day on gadgets, gradually reduce this time by 30 minutes every day. The majority of the time, children are unaware that their time is being cut. Parents, on the other hand, will be able to cut a total of 3.5 hours of children’s screen time per week!
  2. Discard any background television – It is recommended that you turn off the television if you are not watching it, especially during mealtime. If the television is playing in the background, it will attract your children’s attention and divert them from the meals.
  3. Avoid screen usage during bedtime – Children who have access to gadgets in their bedrooms are more difficult to manage. Therefore, it is important to keep TVs, phones, or computers in a common location in your house. This helps parents to keep an eye on the child’s screen time better.


Manage Your Children’s Screen Time: What to Do?

  1. Watch along with your child – Whenever possible, try to watch the television with your child and discuss what you observe. For example, family values, violent scenes or even commercials. Especially when junk food ads are played, parents may explain that just because something is on TV, it doesn’t mean it is healthy.
  2. Encourage active screen time – Encourage your children to stretch or do small exercises while watching a TV show so that their screen time is more active. During a commercial break, parents can challenge the family members to see who can do the most star leaps and so forth. Instead of just lying around or sitting in front of the television, this will help to encourage physical activity.


Be Consistent

how to manage children’s screen time

When you first start to manage your children’s screen time, it may seem impossible. However, at the end of the day, the effort is well worth it! It is possible to reduce screen usage and its potential side effects by establishing new family rules and gradually implementing tiny adjustments in your children’s daily routine. We wish all mommies and daddies good luck!


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