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World Children’s Day

Do you think you know everything about “World Children’s Day”? Well, if you don’t, then let us go through the topic together for some insight.

Brief History

The first World Children’s Day was held in 1954, and it has continued to be celebrated every year since then. On November 20, 1959, the United Nations General Assembly established the Declaration of the Rights of the Child (DRC), which is still in effect today.

Therefore, what exactly are the objectives of this World Children’s Day? The objective of celebrating World Children’s Day is not limited to only making children happy. But, it extends beyond that as well. It is now intended to promote worldwide cooperation, awareness, and one’s desire to improve children’s well-being all around the world.

When is the celebration?

The Children’s Day celebration usually takes place on the 20th of November, every year.

Are there any symbols representing World Children’s Day?

World Children's Day

Yes, there are! Children’s Day celebrations are usually associated with the use of vibrant and light-coloured designs. Additionally, we also found some iconic World Children’s Day symbols! They are mostly in a rainbow of colours, to convey a sense of happiness and vibrancy. The symbols used are as follows:

1. A ring of children holding hands around the globe

  • Portraying children hand in hand celebrating their rights with children from all over the world.

2. Combination of a child’s and an adult’s handprint

  • Portraying how much the adults’ interference will help children to be valued and protected.

More reasons to celebrate World Children’s Day

Aside from promoting worldwide cooperation, awareness, and the desire to improve children’s well-being, the Malaysian UNICEF ambassadors have also provided some additional information on their YouTube channel. This inspiring video may help you see “World Children’s Day” in a new light!

Well, did you spot any of your favourite celebrities or public figures in the video? Exactly! They are also here, hand-in-hand trying their best to fulfill children’s rights, so why shouldn’t we be as well?

For a successful celebration, who shall take the lead?

In order to achieve a successful and memorable Children’s Day, a wide range of people shall play their parts. They include:

  1. Parents – Activities may include taking children on outings such as sightseeing, zoo visits, food searching, and so on. While it brings joy to children, parents can also underline the reasons for celebrating Children’s Day.
  2. Teachers – Teachers can emphasise the day with a variety of activities or exciting contests in which the students can participate. As a result, children will learn that they have the right to be happy and enjoy their school days better.
  3. Mass media – Almost everything in the world is influenced by the media. As a result, the media can play its role by exposing children’s rights in a fun way! Plus, including a little bit on certain countries unfortunate and injustice may also help. This will aid in the development of a sense of gratitude in both children and adults.
  4. The government – As leaders, they must do all possible to provide each child’s basic requirements for food, shelter, and safety. Ideal plannings and implementation of relevant programs or projects might also help reduce children’s injustice in the near future.

How is Children’s Day celebration in Malaysia?

Throughout the pandemic, it has been observed that schools are the ones who recognise the achievements of their students. By organising numerous interesting competitions, it really helps in bringing out the best in students. From talents to unique skills, good characteristics and many more. Therefore, here is the link to the Children’s Day celebration in SK Senawang 3 in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, for your reference.

Psssst, this is a secret. But, if you are looking for the exact part to watch, hop on to the minute 9:54! Yes, you are welcome 😉

Credit: AZLIN SKS3

Ways to promote World Children’s Day better

Children are the future leaders of the world. Therefore, to protect every child’s right to survival, development, protection, and participation is everyone’s obligation. Children have a right to be healthy, happy, and full of hope in this world. It all starts with us if we want to see World Children’s Day continue in existence. Everyone must do their part and put up their best effort to find appropriate solutions to the main objectives. From the government to parents and school teachers, as well as the media, everyone shall be involved.

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