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How Does Breast Milk Benefits Babies

So how does breast milk benefits babies? Breast milk is the most nutritious food for your children. It ensures they receive optimal nutrition and the appropriate amount of nutrients that are easily digested. Not to mention the fact that it is also gentle for your baby’s developing digestive system, intestines, and other body systems too. 


How does breast milk benefits babies?

how does breast milk benefits babies

You may have noticed plenty of online videos demonstrating how breast milk can be beneficial to infants and young children. However, they may be overly general and insufficient in terms of providing information to mommies. Following is a list of some of the enhanced benefits that we have discovered, just for you!

1. Healthy Nutrients

  • Breast milk nutrients are better absorbed and utilised by your infant than formula.
  • It contains the nutrients that are most beneficial to your baby’s brain development and nervous system growth. Sugar (carbohydrate) and protein are two of them.
  • Breastfed newborns do better on intellectual tests as they get older, according to studies. And, their eyes also work better. This is due to particular types of fat found in breastfeeding.

2. Important Antibodies

  • Breast milk is high in antibodies that help your baby fight viruses and bacteria, which is especially important during the early months.
  • This is especially true with colostrum, the first milk. Colostrum contains a lot of immunoglobulin A (IgA) and a lot of other antibodies.
  • When babies are exposed to viruses or bacteria, their bodies produce antibodies, which are subsequently passed on through breastfeeding or breast milk.

3. Infections and Diseases Fighter

  • There are many disease-fighting agents in breast milk that aid in the prevention of mild to serious infections as well as hospitalisation.
  • Breastfed newborns are less likely to get infections in their intestines, lungs, or ears.
  • Plus, breastfed premature babies have a lower risk of developing a deadly intestinal infection called NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis).

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Enjoy the journey

how does breast milk benefits babies

Now that we know how much breast milk benefits babies’ antibodies, we are more aware of how it can assist to prevent illnesses or chronic diseases in the long run. If you are able to provide adequate nursing to your infants, it is preferable to do so! Nonetheless, no matter what option you choose, you will always be the best parents for your children. Therefore, just enjoy your parenthood journey!


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